Audio Books: Music in a Different Way

Listening to digital books nowadays appears to be a good way to make use of time, to learn and discover through stories. Here the written book is read, and recorded for easy reading by modern-day readers. It is a new version of the book that combines music and book (written story). The digital reading of audio-music books is an interesting thing. Reading this article will teach you more about it.

From a paper book to audio-musical book

Since the time of Johannes Gutenberg, the paper book has always served as a medium for literary writing, thus promoting the preservation and sharing of information between generations. Reading on paper was the only way to learn the stories written by the authors of literature.
The advent of digital tools has allowed authors to use digital editing software to write books, now called e-books, stored on web platforms. This is a digital library. Thus, reading practices have shifted from the use of the eyes to the use of the ears with audio books. The particularity here is that these books are sometimes accompanied by music; a sad or cheerful tune having a close relationship with the theme of the book or its story.

The appeal of musical audiobooks

Listening to a book is the new trend among readers. The audio version of books is a recording of reading aloud from an old book. The use of text-to-speech for audio reading is also a way of reading an Audiobook. This form of the book was born thanks to the known progress in the fields of recording and sound reproduction; hence the audio books are accompanied by musical melodies.
Music is used to make the texts, i.e. the story told by the narrator, also called the voice-giver, more digestible. This combination of book reading and music makes it possible to capture the readers' attention and especially their sensitivity.