Dancing to Hip-hop Music

If you look at the current trendy music, such as Rap, RnB, etc., you will surely appreciate the dancers who perform incredible moves. Sometimes you want to try, but you realise that you don't know how to dance hip-hop. But like all music, this kind of musical rhythm can be learned. How do you learn to dance to hip-hop music? Read this article to find out the answer.

The foundation is Hip-Hop music

Hip-Hop is first and for most of a cultural movement born in the 1970s in the United States. It very quickly spread to other continents and all over the world. Hip-hop is expressed through art: music, drawings and even jargon. As far as Hip Hop music is concerned, it should be noted that it is generally accompanied by Rap. It is a particular and sporty rhythm that can be danced to with simple and/or complex movements. The dance steps of this style of music are very different from those of classical dance. They are quite rhythmic, fast and sometimes dangerous. It is street dance; street dance in French.

The rules of Hip-Hop dance

A Hip-hop music is danced with energy, because like classical dance it is very expressive. Moreover we will speak of a very dynamic expression.

Observe and Apply

It is important to have a sense of observation to learn to dance, especially Hip-hop. Follow videos of professional dancers on YouTube for example, this would be a good way to first learn about the dance styles and steps performed in each category. After observation you should try it. Then reproduce what you have seen and do it to perfection.

Have Fun Dancing

When you listen to Hip-Hop music, you can't help but move your body, at least your head. So, find the right cadence to the music and have fun dancing by trying out the dance steps you've learned.